CFFocus launched

Finally, after a couple of weeks working in silence, I can announce a new engagement I took upon! Last week, together with the start of Scotch on the Rocks, CFFocus was launched and I'm one of the team members.

2010, a review

With 2010 almost behind us, I wanted to take some time to review 2010... This is a short overview of what happened to me in 2010:

Developer introduction to MURA CMS

Do you know what MURA CMS, an open source ColdFusion based Content Management System, can do for you as a developer? Get yourself introduced to MURA, its architecture, its event model, its API, its extension possibilities and be ready to get started!

I'll take care of that introduction at the next meeting of the ColdFusion UserGroup Belgium where I'll present a session called "Developer introduction to MURA CMS".