2011, a preview

After reviewing 2010 yesterday, let's take a look what's on the radar for 2011...

First of all I will become part-time self-employed. On top of my "9 to 5 job", I will deliver web sites, web applications and web consultancy. As a first project I will give a 5 day training in ColdFusion in Abu Dhabi from the 16th till the 20th of January. I'll make sure I share my experiences of this trip to the Middle East.

I'm planning to move this blog from MangoBlog to Mura CMS in the coming month(s). To avoid a lot of "copy - paste", I'm working on a little Mura CMS plugin that imports content from an Atom feed. (Apparently this is already a feature in Mura!) More on why and how to switch from MangoBlog to Mura CMS in a future blog post.

This year I'll also release an other Mura CMS plugin, "MobileMura". This plugin extends the features Mura CMS will introduce in version 5.4 regards mobile support. The goal is to release MobileMura in line with version 5.4, so stay tuned...

Off course, more blogging and speaking is on the planning as well... If you have a topic you want me to write about or if you want me to share my experience in front of a crowd, don't hesitate to contact me!

And there is more to come, but I won't be giving away everything yet... Just keep an eye on this blog!

On a personal note, 2011 will be the year we build our garage, prepare our wedding (scheduled in 2012) and my holiday to the USA (Indy500, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and Las Vegas).