Did you notice something different about this website? No... well let me tell you!

First of all I've updated the design of my website to Terrafirma v2, I think that wasn't very hard to notice. But what you might have missed is that I've also changed the software that powers this website. I've replaced MangoBlog by Mura CMS as the content management system (CMS) that does all the work for me.  Let me explain why...

Lets make this clear, MangoBlog is some great blog-software. Back in 2009, when I started this blog, it was the best choice for the requirements I had. But requirements can change and that is what happened. My goal is to change this website into more then a blog and for that I need a full CMS, I want some subsites for the projects I'm working on for example. And when it comes to choosing a CMS there is no better choice then Mura CMS!

And by the way, do you like the cartoon in the header? It's a comic figure called Gaston Lagaffe by the Belgian cartoonist André Franquin. He is a accident-prone (his surname means "the blunder") office junior. His name in the Dutch is Guust Flater, so now you know where my nickname comes from.