The 5th BarCamp Antwerp review

A couple of weeks ago I participated for the first time in a Barcamp, a user-generated conference. The 5th Barcamp Antwerp was organized by Anne Verberckmoes and sponsored by burooz, Medemerkers, @lulazoid, hungryfeelings, Stad Antwerpen, Krimson, Carine Verbelen, Managing Toughts, ichoosr, Nokia and tech45.

I've learned about kids using sales techniques against there parents, the hypes of the '90s that I missed (and got a flashback to the ones I didn't), using OmniFocus, Windows Mobile 7 impressions, how not to 'not communicate' and the power of QR codes. And in return of all that I participated in a discution on web versus native mobile application and I informed people about the past, present and future of ColdFusion.

Below you can watch the discution and my presentation (recorded by a N8 provided by Nokia) and you'll find all the other presentation over here. However everything is un dutch...

The past, present and future of ColdFusion:

Web versus native mobile applications:

My first BarCamp has been a wonderful and inspiring experience and won't be my last!