Technology Day 2009 @ EhB

On April 22nd I'll be doing a workshop called "ColdFusion powered RIA" at the Technology Day 2009. During this workshop I'll explain how ColdFusion works and how it can be used to power an Ajax or Flex application to 2nd and 3th grade IT students of the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel.

The Technology Day 2009 is a small, dutch and english speaking conference organized by Campus IWT of the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel (EhB). Only students of EhB's Campus IWT can participate in this conference but the organizers goal is to open the conference to everybody as of next year.

The presentations and workshops are really diverse since they covers all the IT specialisations (multimedia, network management, industrial IT and IT business management solutions) that are part of EhB's Bachelor in IT program.

Business Flexibility with a Service Oriented Architecture (by IBM)
HR Project Management (by SD WORX)
Toepassingen in de industriële informatica (by SIEMENS)
Ondernemerschap, social community en web 2.0 (by NETLOG)
De toekomst van User Interface (by NAMAHN)
Business Intelligence (by ALLIANCE)
Adobe Flex in Practice (by REALDOLMEN)

ColdFusion for RIA (by I.R.I.S.)
Web 2.0 AJAX applicatie met Dojo en Ppwcode (by PEOPLEWARE)
J2EE webservices (by ITHOMI)