SOTR 2010: Edinburgh or London?

When the people behind Scotch on the Rocks started planning the 2009 edition they where facing a challenge. Due to the economical crisis they knew companies where cutting back on training and conferences so they were scared that a lot of people couldn't come to Edinburgh. So they thought, let's bring the conference to the people. Scotch on the Rocks became Scotch on the Road and toured around the UK in June and tours mainland Europe in October (register fast, more then 36% of the tickets are gone already!).

But now they start planning next years edition and it looks like they struggle with the same challenge again... The big question this time is if Scotch on the Rocks will be based in Edinburgh or in London. Andy Allen wants to know what we (the community) and our bosses think of that and he created a little poll to collect some feedback.

I would love to go to Edinburgh, I heard the conference was epic over there, but my boss prefers London I guess... what about you? Let Andy know about your opinion!