SOTR 2009 Europe: Speakers

Scotch on the Road has announced it's speakers for the upcomming European Leg!

Adam Lehman (Adobe) / Amsterdam:Brussels:London
Terry Ryan (Adobe) / Munich:Zurich:Milan
Serge Jespers (Adobe) / All Locations
Claude Englebert (Adobe) / All Locations
Simon Slooten (Prisma IT) / Milan:Amsterdam:Brussels:London
Sven Ramuschkat (Herrlich & Ramuschkat) / Munich:Zurich
Andy Allan (Fuzzy Orange) / Munich:Zurich:Milan
Kev McCabe (Fuzzy Orange) / Amsterdam:Brussels:London

Update: this list isn't final yet, some more speakers will be announced...

What is Scotch on the Rocks?

Scotch on the Rocks, established in 2005, is a conference based out of Edinburgh, Scotland concentrating on all things ColdFusion. Incorporating keynotes, technical sessions and tutorials, as well as the most innovative and successful ColdFusion experts and companies, Scotch on the Rocks is a must-attend conference. For 2009, Scotch is going on the road. With the current financial crisis impacting us all, bringing the conference to you makes Scotch the most affordable way to get your annual intake of all things CFML, Flex and AIR.