SOTR 2009 Europe: Locations

Yesterday, during the CF Insider Connect presentation, the second leg of this year Scotch on the Road has been confirmed and announced. After the successful first leg trough the UK, this time the conference will travel through the rest of Europe. I'll be there for sure in Brussels and who knows in some other cities as well.

This is the complete list of dates and locations:

Munich, Germany (Oct 19 2009)
Zurich, Switzerland (Oct 21 2009)
Milan, Italy (Oct 23 2009)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Oct 26 2009)
Brussels, Belgium (Oct 27 2009)
London, UK (Oct 29

    What is Scotch on the Rocks?

    Scotch on the Rocks, established in 2005, is a conference based out of Edinburgh, Scotland concentrating on all things ColdFusion. Incorporating keynotes, technical sessions and tutorials, as well as the most innovative and successful ColdFusion experts and companies, Scotch on the Rocks is a must-attend conference. For 2009, Scotch is going on the road. With the current financial crisis impacting us all, bringing the conference to you makes Scotch the most affordable way to get your annual intake of all things CFML, Flex and AIR.