MobileMura V2 Release Candidate

At MuraCon I talked about "Mobile-Ready Websites with Mura CMS". One of the things I talked about was the next version of MobileMura, version 2. Today I'm happy to provide a Release Candidate for you to play with!

Please let me know if you discover "undocumented features" (== bugs)!


  • use the build in mobile device detection;
  • use the MobileMura device detection;
  • use your own device detection rules;
  • set a general mobile theme;
  • set a mobile theme per device;
  • set a general mobile template;
  • set a mobile template per device;
  • a display object for switching between the mobile and desktop version.


  • ColdFusion 9, 10 or Railo 3.3+
  • Mura CMS 6


You can download the Release Candidate from the "develop"-branch on GitHub.