ColdFusion Box

Next to new sponsors, speakers and session announcements there was something in the "Scotch on the Road" newsletter that immediately took my attention: The ColdFusion Box, "Your central point of information about ColdFusion news, events and activities in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.".

The ColdFusion Box is a nice little AIR applications collecting video's, news, events, how-to's, blog posts, white papers, datasheets and study guides by Adobe on ColdFusion. And there is more, you can also chat with ColdFusion Experts from Monday till Friday between 16:00 and 18:00 (the rumour goes that you'll connect straight to Ben Forta's cell phone...).

If you want to be sure you hear about the latest ColdFusion news first, go to and install this application (or just bookmark this blog :p).